about us

about us

معرفی شرکت

Behin Farayand Sadr Co. was established in June 2011 with the aim of providing services that food companies do not want to do it for any reason and so far have been able to provide the services needed by the major companies such as Tak makorn, Golnan Puratos, Cenan and etc . In explaining this mission, large manufacturing companies tend to outsource some of their needs and services , owing to their high volume of activities. Behin Farayand Sadr Company has been established with the aim of providing such services and its mission is to accept such activities. We consider ourselves as the partner  of active manufacturing companies in various fields of food industry such as flour and bread, and we are ready to receive the services provided by such companies according to their standards.

حوزه فعالیت

Behin Farayand Sadr Company has been active in the field of producing soybean flour, sugar powder, rye flour and barely flour, and providing services such as cereal and nutritious grains, as well as flour dehumidification, and it is also available if big companies need to produce or provide services in other fields .The mission of Behin Farayand Sadr is B to B, and our products do not provide for the final customers.

Behin Farayand Sadr is keen to collaborate and cooperate with potential foreign companies with the intention of investing in raw material production for bakery, pastery and chocolatier business in Iran.